One of the most commonly asked question is: what is the best way to remove feral hogs from my property? There are several methods of control but no one method is the answer to controlling feral hog population is our state. OFSCA believes in a multifaceted approach to feral hog control and in working with landowners, trappers and hunters to reach a common goal of controlling feral hogs.

Trapping: Trapping has been found to be the most practical and effective method of control by some studies conducted on feral hog control. Aerial shooting is also a very method but is also a very expensive method of control which costs taxpayer money to support. The current system implemented by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture allows the lawful trapping and transporting of feral hogs in Oklahoma. This system allows trappers to transport live feral hogs to Sporting Facilities across the state that are licensed and inspected by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. The ability for trappers to sell live hogs to these licensed facilities creates a financial incentive for professional trappers to trap feral hogs and for Agriculture producers to offset the costs of trapping (fuel, bait, trapping equipment). This all happens at no cost to taxpayers and actually brings in millions of dollars of out of state revenue as out of state hunters come to our state to hunt feral hogs. For this reason, OFSCA and its members believe trapping is the most economical and effective method of feral hog control.

Hunting: Hunting is another effective method of control. Although not as effective as trapping, Oklahomans and out of state hunters know that know the damage feral hogs cause to Oklahoma agriculture and wildlife and that are glad to remove feral hogs by hunting every chance they get. Through the use of licensed Sporting Facilities the OFSCA estimates that over 30,000 feral hogs are removed from the wild and terminated in sporting facilities yearly. This all occurs at no cost to tax payers and this process goes hand in hand with trapping bringing in millios of dollars to our state economy. Although removing the entire sounder of hogs is very uncommon with hunting, the sheer number of hunters and the ability to now obtain exemptions from the Department of Wildlife allows Oklahomans to remove thousands of feral hogs yearly.

Removal by Dog Hunting: Oklahoma is also filled with dog hunters who pursue feral hogs with dogs all across our state. This has become an increasingly popular sport and much like trapping allows the hunters to capture the hogs live in many cases and sell their catch to licensed sporting facilities. These hunters must also be licensed by the state as a transporter to lawfully transport live feral hogs. Much like hunting the sheer number of dog hunters across our state provides the removal of thousands of hogs yearly, again at no cost to our taxpayers.

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